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Event and Mobile Marketing Manager


Tampa, FL, US, 33607

This position is remote and can sit in: Atlanta, Nashville, Indy, Louisville, Columbus and Cincy



Position Summary:                                                                                                                           

The Event and Mobile Marketing Manager is responsible for expanding brand awareness and fry-love by developing and executing a 52-week mobile marketing and event program throughout the entire Checkers/Rally’s system.


As Best Fries is the top priority for the brand and business and since Top Box fry satisfaction is the most direct predictor of overall guest satisfaction this position plays a critical role in the differentiation and ownership of the fry category.


This position will develop a comprehensive annual event schedule using the fry truck/trailer as the centerpiece of the strategy.  The events will focus on giving away and/or selling our #1 rated, Famous Seasoned Fries at events to increase overall brand and fry awareness.


Position Accountabilities:                           

  • Oversees all aspects of the Mobile Marketing Program and fully responsible for the development, planning, execution, communication, and performance of the program.
  • Program Development
    • Works with marketing team, operations, franchisees, and management to develop overall program
    • Aligns program activities with business objectives
  • Planning
    • Works with marketing team and franchisees to develop, optimize, manage, and execute an annual activity, event, and stop schedule.
    • Investigates, gets approval and schedules events such as college sports, festivals, fairs, parades, charity events, “taste of” events, new restaurant announcements/ground breakings/openings, marketing plan events, new product events, military deployments/returns, media events, holiday events, concerts, tie-ins with sponsors/vendors, special franchise requests, etc.
    • Building schedule to maximize travel time, stay within DOT regulations, plan routine maintenance
    • Build contingency planning for disaster relief
  • LRM/Marketing
    • Works directly with the marketing team to understand current promotions, brand efforts and priorities
    • Works directly with the marketing team in the execution of the mobile marketing program in support of the brand
    • Assists with other local marketing programs as needed
  • Event Execution
    • Manage all logistics from beginning to end
    • Maintains event schedule
    • Works with local event staff/contacts to plan and execute activities including any permits or requirements
    • Works directly with field marketing team and coordinator to execute plan and events
    • Works with coordinator who will schedule working crew members
    • Manages and accounts for all sales
    • Drives the vehicle(s) to each event
    • Manages Checkers/Rally’s participation at all events including sets up, displays, managing marketing materials, and tear down
    • Flawlessly manages event logistics
    • Always keeps spotless appearance wearing branded attire serving as a company representative
    • Always ensures guest and employee safety
    • Manages vehicle supplies, stocking, and food safety
  • Vehicle(s) Management
    • Responsible for the care, storage, security, safety, maintenance, and performance of company promotional vehicles(s)
    • Maintains vehicle(s) – routine maintenance, repairs, washing
    • Manages all vehicle(s) repairs
    • Maintains all current licenses and inspections
    • Attains and manages all health department and fire inspections and permits and certificates
    • Ensures familiarity and acts in accordance will all traffic/safety laws for private and commercial vehicles in jurisdictions in which the trailer travels
    • Maintains cooking equipment/cleaning
    • Maintains all DOT logs and acts in accordance with all DOT and federal regulations
    • Knows and understands all aspects of vehicle(s) operations
  • Communication
    • Develops and executes a proactive communication process to give proper notice and ongoing information to vendors, event staff, franchisees, managers, marketing staff and company
    • Maintains and communicates annual, monthly, weekly, and daily schedules
  • Performance
    • Event schedule balanced throughout the Checkers/Rally’s system
    • All events are executed on time, on budget, and in a manner than enhances the brand
    • Vehicles have 100% up time and are professionally cared for and maintained in pristine condition
    • Proactive, professional and timely communication with internal company audiences, franchisees/restaurants, event coordinators and the general public
    • Program is managed on budget
    • Flawless execution of all DOT, insurance, safety, health department, and local regulation requirements
    • Flawless safety record on the road and at events
    • Increase in fry brand awareness
    • Increase in fry sales attachment





  • High School diploma
  • CDL certified



  • Strong and professional communication skills
  • Clean driving, criminal, and civil record
  • Appropriate commercial driver’s license
  • Knowledge of local, regional and national commercial driving laws (including Federal/DOT)
  • 3-5 years’ experience executing marketing events
  • Experienced in mobile and event marketing
  • History of developing marketing and promotional relationships
  • Experience in managing sporting events a plus
  • Proven track record of “owning” the strategy, development and execution of marketing events and activities
  • 5+ years’ experience understanding, maintaining and driving large trucks & trailers
  • Maintains a clear civil, criminal, and driving record at all times; immediately reports any such issues
  • Project management related experience
  • Strong business judgment and ownership
  • Possesses an understanding of franchisee / multi-unit retail environments targeting consumers or have significant experience dealing with “outside” constituents and vendors.
  • Ability to work with a team and multiple constituents
  • Ability to work remotely while maintaining strong communication and collaboration skills


Essential Physical Requirements

  • Ability to travel up to 90-% of the time
  • Ability to drive long distances daily
  • Ability to drive and handle large vehicles and trailers
  • Ability to do many basic and/or emergency repairs/quick fixes to vehicle(s)
  • Ability to lift and/or move up to 30 pounds

Nearest Major Market: Tampa

Job Segment: Event Marketing, Outside Sales, Manager, Marketing Manager, Marketing, Sales, Management